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Glamour Modelling is one of the only kinds of modelling that is not used to promote a product or service. The main aim of glamour modelling is to advertise the model herself and sell the images of her. This is an area of the industry which is generally easier to break into, most commonly as a lingerie model, swimwear model, or a Page 3 model.

Glamour models do not need to be tall or thin; instead it helps to be shapely and curvaceous. Some companies still use glamour and fashion models for promoting their company through calendars and marketing campaigns. Magazines such as
Playboy and Penthouse are world-famous and many glamour models who have appeared in such magazines have become famous celebrities in their own right.

However, most glamour models end up on the internet
modelling on websites, live webcam or streaming videos as there is a huge demand for glamour models in this segment. Hourly rates for glamour modelling are often higher than other types of modelling.

The field of glamour modelling is more accessible than others, and there are many
photographers who do test shoots for glamour models. However, beware of seedy photographers and agents in this field. Make sure you check them out first before you  sign on to do anything.

Always be comfortable and in control, and if you are unsure, take someone along with you. Getting into the
high-paying glamour modelling work can take as much effort as becoming a high fashion model.
In the
UK, you have to be over the age of 18 to pursue glamour modelling by yourself.

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I see a lot of models are smokers. Will smoking help me to manage my weight?

Smoking stops you enjoying the taste of food, and that means some people eat less. Smoking also ages your skin, give you wrinkles, stains your teeth and fingers and makes your hair dull. Then there is the risk of heart disease, lung cancer.... need we say more....?

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